What is an anime body Pillow?

Also called a love pillow. It is a long narrow cushion that is designed to be held between your legs while you sleep on your side. They are specially made to match the pillowcase, which has a design of your choice of anime character. To match your wishes we have several options to choose from, such as size and material. Choosing your Dakimakura is very quick and easy!

It is crucial that you choose the size of your cover based on the pillow. We have two sizes to choose from, one of 50x150cm and a larger one, the original Japanese length of 50x160cm. The advantage of the larger pillow size is that it is closer to the actual size that your waifu or husband may have. The second is more economical and at the same time has a more respectable size. So if you have ordered an inner pillow from us, make sure you keep the same size for your pillowcase.

Choice of material.
We have two high-quality materials for you to choose from. The peach skin velvet material is perfect for its softness. It is as soft as skin, stain resistant and easy to clean. It tends to be a very popular choice due to its longevity. And 2Way Tricot, is perfect for snuggling. It is known as a quality product that will keep you warm on cold nights and not too hot on warm nights. For those who put comfort first, this would be a perfect choice.