About us

Established in 2019, Anime Body Pillow® is already a leading international online shop and retailer specialising in Waifu pillowcases and Husbando pillowcases.Dakimakuras are at the heart of Japanese culture and our extensive range of franchises covers Naruto, Dragon Ball, Re:Zero and Dragon Ball pillows, just to name a few. You’ll find all the famous characters from your favourite anime series. For us, making the best quality body pillow covers for our shop is of primary importance. Over the years we have shipped thousands of Dakimakura and Inner Pillow to happy customers and collectors all over the world. this has made us one of the leading online shops stocking many popular show franchises and comics.
So, to answer the question, who are we?

Like you, we are passionate and addicted to anime, manga and otaku culture. Our goal is to deliver the best waifu dakimakura and husbando dakimakura to the places in the world that need them.

Yōkoso! Welcome to our Anime BODY PILLOW shop, a haven for all otaku. As otaku themselves, the Anime Body Pillow team strives to provide quality Sakura sets for all anime fans. Whether it’s Japanese anime, Japanese manga, yuri anime, yaoi anime, or erotic anime, we have it all.

What you decide to do with your new wife or husband is entirely up to you. Just want to add a creative touch to your otaku garden? Like to have your favourite senpai to cuddle with at night, or more…? We won’t question you, and we certainly won’t judge. The ANIME BODY PILLOW shop is a safe space where you can find all kinds of quality dakimakura from your favourite anime.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t be discouraged, our collection is constantly growing. So I suggest you keep up to date with the latest waifu and husbands by subscribing to our newsletter. On the other hand, you can also follow us on facebook or instagram for the latest dakimakura.
Anime Body Pillow ships its products worldwide free of charge. Your safety, their priority. They only offer secure, encrypted and guaranteed safe payment methods.
Something wrong with the post office? They will send you a new parcel immediately at their expense (secure delivery)!
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Happy shopping!
Anime Body Pillow Team ❤️